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The solar industry has grown exponentially over the last 10 years, with a new homeowner going solar roughly every minute!

Do you have questions about solar energy? This list of frequently asked questions will give you an overview of solar technology. If you don’t see an answer you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How Does Home Solar Work?
  1. PV cells in your solar panels absorb sunlight and transform it into electric energy
  2. An inverter converts direct current into the alternating current
  3. Power travels from the inverter to your structure’s power system
  4. Produce solar energy and enjoy the savings on utility bills
How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Depending on the manufacturer, solar panels have an expected lifespan of 30-50 years. Over the course of the first 25 years, solar panels do degrade slightly, but because of our production guarantee.

Are Solar Panels Reliable?

Solar panels are one of the most reliable energy technologies in the world. They can withstand high winds and other severe weather conditions.

Does Solar Provide a Reliable Source of Energy for Homes?

Solar energy is one of the best alternatives to conventional power generation. It is a clean, reliable, and affordable energy source. Going solar can help you save thousands of dollars on your monthly bills, increase your property’s resale value, and help you have a more sustainable lifestyle.

Will I Always Have Electricity If I Go Solar?

Your solar panel system is tied to the electric grid. If there is a power outage, you will not have
electricity to your home. The only way you can have a reliable, uninterrupted supply of electricity during an outage is if your backup system includes properly connected solar batteries or a generator.

Therefore, if your solar system is not generating the energy necessary to power your home, you
will still have full access to electricity from your utility.

Because of the way solar systems are wired, if the grid goes down and you are producing electricity with your solar system, this energy cannot be used by the homeowner. However, if the grid goes down and there is a battery back-up system in place, the solar panels will store energy in the batteries.

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