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Harvest the Sun is locally owned and operated in Yuma, Arizona. We provide our customers with clean, affordable, and reliable energy from the sun. The biggest difference you experience with us is our friendly and honest educational approach. We help you get the most solar production at the lowest possible price.

The Founder

Isaiah was raised here in Yuma and graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree. He is a devout family man that has been helping homeowners discover how much money they can save on their electric bills for the last 3 years.


We have thousands of customers powering their homes with renewable energy in Arizona and surrounding areas. Here are some of the places we serve:






San Luis




Imperial County California


Phoenix Metro



Unmatched Customer Service

Customers at Harvest The Sun enjoy the most efficient and reliable solar energy solutions backed by an industry-leading warranty. We are transparent about our processes and will work closely to ensure you get energy solutions that meet your needs and budget.

Affordable Prices

We offer the best value for our work at competitive rates.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Regardless of your project’s scope, our certified solar installation technicians have the knowledge to install and customize your solar system according to local weather patterns, building materials, and city codes.

What Makes Us Different



We offer a transparent sales process and will never undersize a system to get a sale or oversize a system to make more money. Trained technicians will be sincere when suggesting changes or upgrades in your roofing, electric, and solar systems.


Check-Ins After Installation

In the event that we notice anything abnormal in your system’s operation, we notify you immediately that a technician is going to be dispatched to investigate the cause. An experienced after-sale service team is ready to help you with any problem or doubt you might have once we have installed your home solar system. In the event that we notice anything abnormal in your system’s operation, we notify you immediately that a technician is going to be dispatched to investigate.



We are locally owned in Yuma, Arizona and perform most of our work in Yuma County. If you enjoyed your experience of working with us, our team can also assist you with solar installations across the country.

Our Solar Guarantee

We Guarantee Your System’s…

  • Production: the amount of power your solar power system will produce for a full 25 years.
  • Repairs: if the system breaks down due to any fault of ours, we will repair it and reimburse you for the lost power production.
  • Quality: our systems are thoroughly quality-tested and then monitored 24 hours a day after we install them.

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